Confidence in
care with a
healthcare professional

Hands-on dosing with a prefilled syringe administered by a healthcare professional

UDENYCA® has been administered to over 138,000 patients since launch.*1

Dosing &
  • Do not administer UDENYCA® between 14 days before and 24 hours after administration of cytotoxic chemotherapy
  • The UDENYCA® prefilled syringe is not designed to allow for direct administration of doses less than 0.6 mL (6 mg), as the syringe does not bear graduation marks
  • Direct administration to pediatric patients weighing less than 45 kg, requiring dosing of less than 0.6 mL (6 mg), is not recommended due to the potential for dosing errors. For more information, please refer to the Full Prescribing Information
Confident control in
pegfilgrastim delivery2
dosing syringe

*January 2019 through December 2020.

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